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R. S. Durai Senthilkumar
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Garudan (2024) is a Tamil-language action drama film directed by R.S. Durai Senthilkumar and written by Vetrimaaran. The film stars renowned actors such as Soori, Sasikumar, and Unni Mukundan. Set in a village in India, the movie delves deep into human relationships and the struggle against injustice and corruption.

Plot of the movie Garudan

The story of Garudan revolves around two childhood friends. Their lives take a drastic turn when a corrupt minister tries to seize the land of the local temple. This event thrusts them into a violent and bloody conflict, creating an uncompromising battle between good and evil.

garudan movie 2024
garudan movie 2024


The storyline not only focuses on action elements but also explores deeply the themes of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal. The resilience of the main characters in protecting the village and resisting oppression is the highlight of the film, portraying a clear depiction of community solidarity and determination.

Climax and Conclusion

The film reaches its climax as the two friends face significant challenges and difficult decisions to protect their village. The ending of the film evokes a range of emotions, concluding the story with a powerful message about justice and sacrifice.

The acting of the actors in Garudan


Soori, in the lead role, has received much praise from critics. Following his successful performance in Viduthalai, Soori continues to

showcase his talent in Garudan, portraying a character with depth and emotion. His performance not only showcases inner strength but also highlights the sensitivity and humanity of the character.

Sasikumar and Unni Mukundan

These two actors also delivered excellent performances, forming a strong and cohesive trio on screen. Sasikumar’s strong and determined performance along with Unni Mukundan brought balance and emotional depth that contributed to the film’s success.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast also plays a significant role in enriching the story. Each character, regardless of size, contributes uniquely to highlighting the themes and message of the film.

Direction and Music

Director R.S. Durai Senthilkumar

R.S. Durai Senthilkumar has directed the film with a tight and engaging screenplay, making Garudan stand out in the rural action film genre. Senthilkumar’s directing skills have created impressive and emotionally charged scenes, adding depth to the story.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja

The film’s music, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, brings a soundtrack full of emotion and drama, suitable for each scene in the film. Yuvan’s melodies contribute significantly to creating the atmosphere and emotions of the film.

Cinematography and Visuals in Garudan

Cinematography for the film is done by Velraj, who brings beautiful and impressive shots, highlighting the setting and mood of the film. From sweeping shots of the countryside to tense moments in the conflicts, the visuals of Garudan truly stand out.

Critical reception and audience response after viewing Garudan

Critical Reception

Garudan has received high praise from both audiences and critics. The film is lauded for its tight screenplay, skilled direction, and excellent performances by the cast.

Abhinav Subramanian from The Times of India: Rated the film 3.5/5 stars, noting that Garudan will appeal to those who love emotionally charged rural action films.
Anusha Sundar from OTTPlay: Rated the film 3/5 stars, particularly praising Soori’s performance.
Gopinath Rajendran from The Hindu: Writes that With a finely woven screenplay strong enough to overcome minor shortcomings, director RS Durai Senthilkumar makes a powerful and intense rural film comeback (Wikipedia).

Audience Response

Audiences have also responded positively to Garudan especially praising its intense action scenes and touching storyline. The film quickly garnered significant attention from the public and became one of the must-watch films of 2024.

Awards and Nominations

Garudan has received numerous nominations and awards at both international and domestic film festivals. The film has been nominated for categories such as Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Music.

Release movie Garudan

Release Process

Garudan was released worldwide on May 31, 2024. Prior to that, the film had premiered at several prestigious film festivals, receiving positive feedback from critics and audiences alike.

Distribution and Box Office

The film was widely distributed in many countries and achieved impressive box office results. The combination of an engaging storyline, excellent performances, and skilled direction helped Garudan become one of the most successful films of the year.

Cultural Impact in Garudan

Garudan is not only a successful film but also has a significant cultural and societal impact. The film has sparked many discussions on social issues such as corruption, injustice, and community solidarity.

garudan full movie
garudan full movie


Garudan is an outstanding film, combining thrilling action elements with a touching story of friendship and the struggle for justice. With talented director R.S. Durai Senthilkumar and an excellent cast, Garudan is undoubtedly a must-watch film of 2024.

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