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9/10 IMDB Rating
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May 14, 2021
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Amit Kumar
Main Stars
Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shaylea K
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The Last Hour S01 is an Indian television series in the supernatural crime thriller genre, released on the Amazon Prime Video platform in 2021. The film quickly attracted the audience’s attention. thanks to its unique plot, combining elements of criminal investigation and supernatural abilities, along with the enchanting West Bengal mountain setting.

The Last Hour is full of drama and mystery

The story revolves around Arup Singh (Sanjay Kapoor), a talented police officer but carries the pain of losing his wife. He is sent to a small town in the mountains of West Bengal to investigate a mysterious murder. However, Arup soon realized that this town was not as peaceful as it seemed. Dark secrets are gradually revealed, and Arup must face terrifying supernatural forces.

On his journey to discover the truth, Arup meets Devaki (Karma Takapa), a young girl with the ability to connect with the dead. This special ability of Devaki became an important key to help Arup decode the mystery and find the real culprit.

Talented cast and impressive acting

The Last Hour brings together a talented cast of Indian cinema. Sanjay Kapoor excels in the role of Arup Singh, an experienced but also introspective police officer. Karma Takapa impresses as Devaki, a young girl with special abilities but also faces difficulties and challenges.

The Last Hour S01 Movies
The Last Hour S01 Movies

Besides, the presence of Shahana Goswami, Raima Sen, Shaylee Krishen and Robin Tamang also brings unique colors to the film.

Beautiful images and vivid sound

The Last Hour is carefully invested in image and sound. The majestic and wild West Bengal mountain scene is realistically portrayed, creating an enchanting and mysterious space. Film music is also a plus point, contributing to creating a tense and dramatic atmosphere for the story.

The Last Hour Mixed reviews from critics

Movies received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics praised the film’s acting, visuals, and atmosphere, while others criticized the slow and confusing plot. However, it cannot be denied that the film has created a new breeze for the Indian supernatural crime thriller genre.

The Last Hour (Season 1): A thrilling journey to discover the mystery of a ghost town

Movies is a movie worth watching for those who love the crime thriller genre that combines supernatural elements. Although there are some limitations in the script, the film still scores points thanks to its impressive acting, beautiful images and vivid sound. If you are looking for an entertaining weekend movie, Film could be an interesting choice.

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