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With the electoral season coming up, another political contender hits the big screen with Article 370. A film that serves as a persuasive account of the Kashmir policy that led up to the abrogation of the controversial constitutional provision in 2019.

Set against the gorgeous backdrops of Jammu and Kashmir, director Aditya Suhas Jambhal tries to delve deep into the revocation of Article 370 to explain the events that shaped the fate of the region.

Featuring Yami Gautam in the lead role, Article 370 was released on 23rd February 2024.

Real life events that inspired Article 370

Intertwining the common human experiences with the complex socio-political landscape of Kashmir, Article 270 sheds light on the aftermath of the abrogation. Drawing inspiration from the real life events that marked a milestone in the history of the region and the Apex court’s validation of the decision, the film is able to perfectly showcase the nuances of the challenges faced in the region and India’s response.

article 370 cast
article 370 cast

By weaving elements of fact and fiction, the film is able to successfully create a narrative that resonates quite well with the audience.

Suspected Ban for Article 370 in Gulf Countries

Despite garnering praise from the critics and a good box office success, the film has faced a few setbacks.

Yami Gautam’s Action Drama faces Gulf ban

There is a potential that Article 370 might face a ban in the Gulf countries which could significantly upset the overseas earnings. With Indian cinema having a huge fan base in these countries, the authorities are yet to cite reasons for the suspected ban. Quite the underscore the sensitivity surrounding the subject matter of the film with a stern highlight on the complexities of censorship in international markets.

A deeper look at the ban

The ban is quite the mirror to how other films were banned in the Gulf countries, indicating a broader trend of censorship concerning geopolitical themes. Other recent film facing such a ban was Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, which was a take on the souring tensions between

India and Pakistan. Despite these challenges, Article 370 still turned a healthy profit at the box office, a testament to the power of storytelling in addressing controversial issues on a global scale that make up action movies bollywood. A conversation that is sure to spark.

The cast of Article 370

While Yami Gautam steals the show in the leading role, the supporting ensemble also did a brilliant job of capturing the essence of the characters.

article 370 movie release date
article 370 movie release date

Main cast

Yami Gautam plays the role of Zooni Kakar. She plays the role of an intelligence officer tasked with a crucial mission in Kashmir in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370. Her portrait adds layers of depth and intensity to the character to embody resilience amidst challenging circumstances.

Support cast

The supporting cast was no slouch either and featured some of the most talented faces from the industry. Some of the notable inclusions were Mohan Agashe playing the role of Jagmohan Patil, Raj Arjun in the role of Khawar Ali, Iravati Harshe in the role of Brind Ghosh, Sukhita Aiyar perfecting the role of Anuradha Patnaik and Sumit Kaul in the role of Yakub Sheikh among others.

Each member of the supporting cast brings a unique perspective to the story that contributes quite well to the overall impact of the film.

A critical review of Article 370

The creators adeptly navigate the intricate web of political narratives that present into a compelling narrative on the Kashmir issue.

article 370 movie review
article 370 movie review

A political allegory

Drawing parallels with other films like Eagle, Article 370 tries to strategically position itself in the election fervour. And with the leverage of Yami Gautam’s Zooni Haksar, the director is able to successfully propagate the specific narrative. The directorial precision and the attention to detail do well with their interplay to enhance the overall impact of the film.

While other films of the genre embraced jingoism in their approach, Article 370 opts for a more nuanced approach that sheds light on the

complexities of politics. From back channel diplomacy to the economics of conflict, the film sheds light on burning topics that allow the audience to have a keener outlook towards the abrogation.

The narrative dynamics

In its attempt to vilify the Kashmiri leadership, the film inadvertently exposes some of the more moral dilemmas within Delhi’s corridors of power. And with this highlight of the human cost of political decisions, the film is able to challenge viewers to confront the uncomfortable truths and rethink their perspective.

article 370 movie
article 370 movie

Adding on to the narrative, Raj Zutshi and Divya Seth bring a captivating performance to the big screen that embodies the political and sinister undertones. Govil with his portrayal of the Indian Prime Minister brings his usual grace and authority to the screen, complemented

by Kiran Karmakar’s portrayal of the Home Minister. Both Yami Gautam and Priyamani bring on the portrayal of determined women

navigating the political labyrinth, amidst a narrative that veers towards simplification. Each actor comes to life with their character on screen with conviction and authenticity. Something that elevates the film to new heights of emotional resonance and dramatic impact.

Other details about Article 370

Article 370 is directed by Aditya Suhas Jambhale and penned by Arjun Dhawan, Aditya Dhar as well as the director. The film has a total runtime of 160 minutes.

The film emerges as a thought provoking exploration of India’s Kashmir policy and an attempt to understand the government’s attempt to unify the region with the mainland. A blend of political intrigue with human drama, the narrative might look polarising to some,

but the commitment of the creators to address complex issues merits acknowledgement. And with the dust surrounding the controversies around the launch and ban of the film in certain markets, the film beckons to be a testament to the evolving narrative landscape of Indian

cinema. Grappling with the themes that transcend borders and boundaries, the compelling storyline, paired with some powerful performances for the cast, the film is sure to leave a lasting impression after the credits roll.

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