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Rahul Sadasivan
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Dual Audio [Hindi (ORG 5.1) + Malayalam] / ESubs
Rahul Sadasivan
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Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan
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bramayugam movie
bramayugam movie

Bramayugam is not just a film, but a profound journey into the mind and soul of the viewer. Released in 2024, this is an enchanting Malayalam blockbuster, where director Rahul Sadasivan skillfully leads the audience through an adventure full of discoveries and surprises.

With the participation of top actors such as Mammootty, Sidharth Bharathan and Arjun Ashokan, Bramayugam promises to bring audiences a top-notch cinematic experience, from profound emotions to unpredictable dramatic moments.

Bramayugam is a journey to discover spiritual mystery, where a group of brave people enter an ancient village. Here, darkness intertwines with light, and ancient legends have been passed down through generations, containing dark horrors and curses.

As night falls, mysterious phenomena begin to appear, causing this group to face challenges that go beyond the limits of reality and reality. Bramayugam is not only a journey in dark corners, but also a battle of souls, between fear and courage.


Creative Script: By exploiting elements of Indian folk horror, the movie creates a unique and captivating film, combining mystery and spirituality in a subtle and profound way.

Talented Acting: The participation of Mammootty, one of the leading stars of the Malayalam film industry, along with talented young actors, gives an impressive and realistic performance, making every The characters in the movie become vivid and full of emotions.

Eye-catching Effects: Bramayugam uses modern effects technology to recreate beautiful and haunting scenes, creating a mysterious and profound space, making the audience feel like they are being drawn into the world. world of the film.

Dramatic Soundtrack: Music composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab enhances the emotions and enhances the atmosphere of key scenes, from terrifying moments to dramatic moments.

Bramayugam is a perfect choice for lovers of horror and suspense genres. Let’s join the mysterious journey and discover the mysteries hidden in this movie

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