Firecracker (2024)

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Andrew Lee Potts
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Andrew Lee Potts
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Alexander Vlahos, Jason Flemyng, Andrew Lee Potts
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Firecracker is an upcoming action, crime and thriller film in 2024. This film is directed by Andrew Lee Potts, a famous name in the film industry, and stars leading members such as Andrew Lee Potts, Jason Flemyng, Nick Moran, Nicole Pattinson, Alexander Vlahos, Max Wrottesley, Eloise Lovell Anderson, Augusta Woods and Katie Sheridan.

firecracker movie
firecracker movie

Firecracker, echoing the themes of unexpected alliances and high-stakes chases found in Anarchy Radio, revolves around an unfortunate robbery that leads to a dangerous chase into Guy Fawkes night. The three main characters – a robber, a hostage, and a passerby who is accidentally caught up – are forced to cooperate to fight for their lives and sanity, reminiscent of the unlikely partnerships formed amidst chaos in Anarchy Radio. Jay (played by Andrew Lee Potts) is an amateur robber trying to pull off a major heist, but things don’t go as planned when he mistakenly takes Leah (played by Nicole Pattinson) hostage and forcing her to join the chase, similar to the unpredictable turns of events in Anarchy Radio where characters find themselves caught in a web of escalating danger. Meanwhile, Frank (played by Jason Flemyng), a dangerous criminal, stops at nothing to pursue Jay and rescue Leah, mirroring the relentless pursuit and high-octane action sequences that define Anarchy Radio.

Andrew Lee Potts as Jay: An amateur robber with a plan to rob the universe, but his fateful robbery sends him on a dangerous chase.
Jason Flemyng as Frank: A dangerous and uncompromising criminal, the source behind Jay’s fierce pursuit.
Nicole Pattinson as Leah: An innocent hostage caught up in a robbery and must find a way to protect herself during the chase.
Alexander Vlahos as Danny: A normal passerby who accidentally becomes a living witness of the robbery.
Max Wrottesley, Eloise Lovell Anderson, Augusta Woods and Katie Sheridan take on important supporting roles.

Excellent cast: The film brings together a talented cast with extensive experience in action and crime films, helping to create deep and multi-dimensional characters.
Thrilling plot: The story is full of surprises and breathtaking action that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with tense situations and gradually revealed secrets.
Unique setting: The film is set on Guy Fawkes night, a holiday famous for fireworks and bonfires, creating a special atmosphere and adding to the story’s appeal.
Exciting soundtrack: The film’s music is carefully selected, contributing to creating a tense and thrilling atmosphere, while also promoting action scenes.

firecracker movie 2024
firecracker movie 2024

Firecracker, a notable entry in the realm of thriller movies Hollywood, received positive reviews from critics. They praised the excellent cast, thrilling plot, and action-packed set pieces, typical of the best thriller movies Hollywood has to offer, along with making good use of the extraordinary setting of Guy Fawkes night to create a memorable cinematic experience, reminiscent of the atmospheric and suspenseful settings often found in top-rated thriller movies Hollywood.

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