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May 12, 2023
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Hypnotic is a 2023 American mystery action thriller directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film stars Ben Affleck, Alice Braga, J.D Pardo, and others. It was released on May 12, 2023, to mixed reviews from critics and went on to gross $15.7 million at the box office.

The film follows detective Danny Rourke (Affleck), who is investigating the abduction of his daughter that happened three years ago. He gets involved with a mysterious hypnotist named Lev Dellrayne and uncovers a secret government division that trains people with mind control abilities.

Cast of Hypnotic

The cast of Hypnotic features both veteran Hollywood actors and relative newcomers. Ben Affleck leads the film as the main protagonist detective, while Alice Braga plays the key role of a hypnotist who teams up with him.

Lead Actors of Hypnotic

Ben Affleck takes on the lead role of Danny Rourke, an Austin-based detective dealing with his daughter’s mysterious disappearance three years ago. Affleck brings his trademark intensity to the complex character haunted by his failure to protect his child. This marks Affleck’s first on-screen collaboration with director Robert Rodriguez. Fans are eager to see his acting chops in Rodriguez’s fast-paced style of filmmaking.

Alice Braga has the pivotal role of Diana Cruz, a skilled hypnotist who offers her special abilities to help Rourke uncover repressed memories and solve the mystery behind his daughter’s baffling abduction. Braga is best known for her gripping performances in acclaimed films like I Am Legend, Tejas, and Queen of the South. Her character is expected to be the emotional core of Hypnotic.

hypnotic trailer
hypnotic trailer

Supporting Cast in Hypnotic movie

J.D. Pardo essays the role of Detective Nicks, Rourke’s partner struggling with his own demons. Pardo has proven his acting skills on hit TV shows like Revolution and Mayans M.C.

The supporting cast includes Jackie Earle Haley as the ruthless main antagonist, Jeremiah, who is involved in the child abduction racket. His intense, sinister presence will elevate the threat level. William Fichtner plays a suspicious government official, while Dayo Okeniyi is River, an edgy underground hacker assisting Rourke in his frantic investigation. His urban tech skills highlight the digital dimensions of crime.

Director Rodriguez has assembled an excellent ensemble cast led by the golden pairing of Affleck and Braga. Both are powerful actors capable of conveying the emotional arcs and trauma central to Hypnotic. The supporting cast provides both entertainment value through their quirky characters as well as the sinister edge highlighting the risks surrounding Rourke. Fans can look forward to intense performances from these talented artists.

This top-notch cast points to a high-quality thriller in line with Rodriguez’s trademark treatment of dark subjects with visual flair. Their collective star power should draw wide mainstream audiences into Hypnotic’s dangerous cinematic world.

Critical Response to Hypnotic

Hypnotic polarized critics currently hold a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While the visual style and lead performances drew praise, the convoluted plot and lack of tension proved to be major downsides.

What’s Good?

Ben Affleck and Alice Braga deliver compelling lead performances even when the script wavers. Affleck portrays the emotionally scarred detective well, while Braga exhibits good range.

hypnotic movie netflix
hypnotic movie netflix

Critics also praised director Robert Rodriguez’s distinct visual aesthetic. The stylized cinematography and economical editing keep things visually engaging.

The basic premise of secret government hypnotic operatives is an intriguing hook. Rodriguez builds palpable tension in the first half around Affleck’s mission to uncover the mystery of his daughter’s disappearance.

Some exciting action sequences also bring appreciation. The shootout scene with Braga and the controlled civilians showcased Rodriguez’s flair for such scenes that made for a great action movies.

What’s Bad?

A frequent criticism was that the plot becomes increasingly absurd and strains credulity in its convoluted second half. The layered reveals end up being more confusing than mind-blowing.

Many reviewers pointed out the lack of suspense or dramatic tension as the film progresses. The final act lacks the urgency and emotional impact expected of a thriller.

Critics also felt the climactic connections between the lead characters failed to land as effective twists. The pacing was also considered patchy and uneven by some.

While visually stylish, the combination of half-baked characters, a muddled plot, and a weak second half diminished the film’s overall impact for most critics. It fails to come together as a hypnotically entertaining affair.

Hypnotic Box Office Collection

Hypnotic was released alongside the comedy Book Club: The Next Chapter on May 12, 2023. The film made $940,000 from 2,118 theaters on its opening day.

It went on to debut at $2.4 million, finishing in sixth place. The film tapped out with a domestic total of $15.7 million against a budget of $24–30 million.

Plot for Hypnotic

Danny Rourke is an Austin detective still dealing with his daughter’s kidnapping from 3 years ago. After a bank heist that seems to involve mind-controlled civilians, Rourke comes across Diana Cruz, a woman with hypnotic abilities.

hypnotic movie review
hypnotic movie review

Cruz tells Rourke about a secret government division that trains hypnotists. Rourke also learns that the bank heist perpetrator, Lev Dellrayne, is searching for a weapon called Domino. What ensues is a chase where Rourke has to stop Dellrayne while uncovering the mystery behind his daughter’s disappearance.

In the end, Rourke realizes Cruz is actually his wife, Vivian, whose memory was altered. He also discovers their powerful daughter Minnie is the Domino device that Dellrayne is looking for. After reuniting with Minnie, Rourke must protect her from the Division hypnotists who want to use her as a weapon.

Hypnotic fails to live up to its intriguing premise. While showing initial promise with its secret government hypnotist angle and visually stylish direction by Robert Rodriguez, the film unravels in the second half. The convoluted plot twists and lack of narrative tension diminish the suspense and payoff expected of a thriller. Despite compelling lead turns by Ben Affleck and Alice Braga, the absurd story developments combined with half-baked characters prove too much to overcome. Hypnotic has its sporadic thrills but ultimately leaves viewers feeling like they’ve been hypnotized into watching an average film that should have been smarter and sharper with even more thrill.

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