Smart House (2023)

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John Oak Dalton
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Hindi DD5.1 / ESubs
John Oak Dalton
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Brinke Stevens, Mel Heflin, Mark Polonia
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smart house 2023
smart house 2023
smart house movie
smart house movie

In the fascinating space of the movie Smart House (2023), the audience is taken into the mysterious and mysterious adventure of Franklin, a 12-year-old boy with autism. Moving to a modern smart home is not only a new step in his life, but also opens up a world full of dangers and mysteries contained within.

Franklin, with his sharp mind and thirst for discovery, quickly begins to discover that there are unusual things happening in his new home, much like the protagonists in Tantra who stumble upon supernatural occurrences in their familiar surroundings. Mysterious phenomena and scary events seem to always be lurking around, causing him to face terrifying challenges without answers, similar to the characters in Tantra who grapple with unexplained events and the intrusion of the paranormal into their lives

The story of Smart House not only takes the audience on an adventure of discovery but also a journey of self-discovery for Franklin. Faced with difficulties and dangers, he must use all his intelligence and courage to overcome challenges, decode mysteries and find a way out.

A special feature of the movie is how to build a smart house, where devices and technology not only serve daily life but also become factors that contribute to the mystery and fear. of mystery. More than just a living environment, the house becomes a main character, with its own secrets and intentions.

The appearance of talented actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp further increases the appeal of the film. They deliver sharp and emotional performances, making each character in Smart House more vivid and memorable.

Although the film was just released in January 2024, it has already attracted the attention of a large audience with its impressive and attractive trailer, making it a promising contender among horror movies 2024. The movie promises to be a notable entry in the horror film genre, bringing audiences emotional and surprising experiences, typical of the most anticipated horror movies 2024.

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