The House Elf (2019)

Hindi 2.0 – Russian 2.0
the house elf full movie
9.6/10 IMDB Rating
Evgeniy Bedarev
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Hindi 2.0 – Russian 2.0
Evgeniy Bedarev
Main Stars
Anastasiya Abadzhidi, Dmitriy Bedarev, Dmitriy Belotzerkovskiy
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the house elf

the house elf movie

The House Elf (2019) tells the story of Vika, a single mother who moves into a new apartment with her daughter and suddenly discovers that a Domovoy – an elf who guards the house in Slavic culture – is living there. Domovoy was not pleased with their appearance and tried to drive them away.

However, Vika’s daughter is able to see and befriend Domovoy. Together, the two discover the apartment’s secrets and learn about Domovoy’s past. Gradually, Vika also learned to accept and love Domovoy as a family member.

The film brings humorous, touching situations about friendship, understanding and acceptance of differences, and introduces unique Slavic culture through the image of Domovoy.

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