The Ledge (2022)

Hindi 2.0 – English 2.0
the ledge movie
9.8/10 IMDB Rating
Howard J. Ford
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Hindi 2.0 – English 2.0
Howard J. Ford
Main Stars
Brittany Ashworth, Ben Lamb, Louis Boyer
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The Ledge is a thriller and thriller film released in 2022, taking audiences through the tough survival journey of Kelly, a brave young woman, when she is cornered on a steep cliff.

Dramatic opening:

The film opens with Kelly and Mike, two close friends, going on a challenging mountain climb. However, the happy atmosphere disappeared when they accidentally witnessed a brutal murder. Kelly, with righteous instincts, decided to return to the scene to get evidence. The content of this movie is quite attractive like The Final Master

the ledge
the ledge

Chased and trapped:

Unexpectedly, Kelly was discovered and fiercely pursued by a group of murderers. Cornered, she was forced to climb a steep cliff to escape. This place is not only steep and dangerous but also contains countless dangers lurking.

Fierce battle for survival:

On a steep cliff, Kelly must fight to protect herself from a group of fierce assassins, while also coping with harsh natural conditions. Every action is potentially dangerous, forcing Kelly to use all her instincts and intelligence to survive, creating 1 action movies attractive

Surprising ending:

Can Kelly escape the cliff of death and bring the group of murderers to justice? The ending of the film will bring the audience thrilling and haunting surprises.

Movie highlights:

Thrilling, thrilling plot: The Ledge captivates the audience with thrilling, breathtaking details, bringing them to Kelly’s challenging journey of survival.
Beautiful images: The film was shot in majestic natural scenery, creating impressive visual effects.
Realistic effects: Mountain climbing scenes are professionally done, bringing a realistic, engaging feeling to viewers.
Talented acting: Brittany Ashworth successfully portrays Kelly, a strong, brave and intelligent woman.

the ledge 2022
the ledge 2022
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