Thellavarithe Guruvaram

Hindi DD 2.0 – Telugu
thellavarithe guruvaram 2024
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
Manikanth Gelli
Available in
May 18, 2024
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Hindi DD 2.0 – Telugu
Manikanth Gelli
Main Stars
Ajay, Harsha Chemudu, Vajja Venkata Giridhar
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Thellavarithe Guruvaram is an Indian movie with a combination of comedy and emotional elements. Directed by Manikanth Gelli and produced by Rajani Korrapati and Ravindra Benerjee Muppaneni,

the film offers a fresh and profound look at love and married life.

thellavarithe guruvaram movie
thellavarithe guruvaram movie

The film, already garnering buzz as one of the best comedy movies of the year,

revolves around the journey of two protagonists, Vishnu and Madhu, who embark on an unexpected love adventure after meeting each other at a wedding. Vishnu, a practical and goal-oriented guy,

is forced by his family to participate in a wedding that he does not want. Meanwhile, Madhu, a dreamy and naughty girl, accepts to participate in the wedding ceremony with excitement. This random meeting opens a series of funny and sad events that change both of their lives.

With funny situations and sweet moments of love, Vishnu and Madhu gradually realize the true value of this relationship. They face the challenges of getting to know and understand each other, as well as pressure from family and society. However, through each challenge, they learned to respect and love each other, and this helped them better understand themselves and each other.

Vishnu, played by Chaitanya Varma, is a straightforward and objective guy who always finds a way to solve any problem intelligently and effectively. He faces pressure from his family to get married, but with a determined spirit, Vishnu tries to find his path in life.

Madhu, played by Misha Narang, is a dreamy and mischievous girl who is always looking for adventure and fun in life. Madhu is not afraid to face challenges and enjoy every moment of life. Through each experience, she learns how to understand and face love sincerely and deeply.

The supporting characters in the film also play an important role in building the story and creating humorous and touching situations. From Vishnu and Madhu’s family and friends, to the wedding ceremony participants and neighbors, each character contributes to making Thellavarithe Guruvaram diverse and rich.

Thellavarithe Guruvaram is not only an entertaining film but also a meaningful lesson about love and understanding. Through the story of Vishnu and Madhu, we realize that love does not always go through obscure and perfect paths, but often faces challenges and turmoil. However, by respecting and understanding each other, we can build a strong and lasting relationship.

Besides, the film, much like the themes explored in Chal Chala Chal movies,

also emphasizes the sense of personal freedom and each person’s right to choose. Whether imposed by society or family,

personal freedom is always the most important thing, and only when we follow our hearts can we be truly happy.

thellavarithe guruvaram
thellavarithe guruvaram

Thellavarithe Guruvaram is a movie worth watching for those

who are looking for a romantic and meaningful love story about married life. With exquisite acting, an engaging script, and a profound message,

this film will certainly evoke valuable emotions and reflections in the audience.

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