To Kill a Tiger (2022)

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to kill a tiger 2022
9.8/10 IMDB Rating
David Oppenheim
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Hindi DD5.1 / ESubs
Nisha Pahuja
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Priya Batta Soni, Avani Pathak, Shilpa Shukla
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Under the talented hands of director Nisha Pahuja, To Kill a Tiger (2022) is not only a simple documentary, but also a powerful scream for justice and equality in current Indian society. grand.

to kill a tiger
to kill a tiger

The film takes viewers on a haunting journey, intertwining politics, gender and violence, revolving around three women with noble missions:

Priya Jha: Brave female warrior on the front against domestic violence, dedicated to protecting vulnerable women.

Shefali Jha: Talented lawyer, not afraid to confront the unjust legal system to bring justice for women.

Kanika Sharma: Passionate journalist, bravely uncovering dark secrets and fighting for the truth.

Through the perspectives of these three women, To Kill a Tiger exposes the injustices, oppression and dangers that women face every day. They must fight constantly to protect themselves, protect their rights and demand respect in a society full of prejudice and violence.

The film uses creative filming techniques and captivating music, leading viewers through a range of emotions from anger, bitterness to hope. The outstanding performances of the three lead actresses – Priya Batta Soni, Avani Pathak and Shilpa Shukla – add to the authenticity and weight of the story.

To Kill a Tiger is not only a realistic picture of Indian society, but also a strong wake-up call about painful issues such as domestic violence, gender discrimination, and social inequality. . The film affirms that women deserve to live in a safe society, be respected and enjoy equal rights as men.

The film has achieved great success, receiving many prestigious awards at prestigious international film festivals. To Kill a Tiger promises to bring audiences a haunting cinematic experience that touches their hearts and makes them reflect on painful issues in modern society.

to kill a tiger movie
to kill a tiger movie
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