Abraham Ozler

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9.8/10 IMDB Rating
Midhun Manuel Thomas
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May 21, 2024
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Dual Audio [Hindi (ORG 5.1) + English] / ESubs
Midhun Manuel Thomas
Main Stars
Jayaram, Jagadish, Senthil Krishna
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The latest crime drama blockbuster of Malayalam cinema, Abraham Ozler, is not just an ordinary entertaining film, but also a profound work of art with a delicate combination of acting, drama, and drama. Excellent copy and beautiful setting.

abraham ozler
abraham ozler

A dark mystery envelopes the city of Trichur, Kerala, when a series of mysterious murders occur, spreading fear and insecurity in the community. In this context, Abraham Ozler, a talented and powerful police officer, becomes a hero facing the most difficult challenges.

Ozler’s peaceful life, reminiscent of the initial calm in best crime thriller movies , suddenly shattered when he faced murders with causes and purposes, making the job of solving crimes more difficult than ever. Innocent victims and chaotic clues create a complex picture of crime and corruption in society.

With sharp instincts and extensive experience, Ozler is determined to reveal the truth and find the culprit. His journey to solve the crime brings him face to face with countless dangers, dark secrets and dangerous villains. Can he overcome all difficulties and bring the perpetrator to justice?

Midhun Manuel Thomas, a talented Malayalam actor, has played the role of detective Abraham Ozler brilliantly. His charismatic and immersive performance along with a talented supporting cast highlight the most subtle aspects of the story.

The film’s script is tightly built, each detail is carefully crafted to create a tense and engaging story. Each scene gives viewers different emotions, from fear to excitement when gradually revealing the mysteries of the city.

The setting in Kerala, India, is not only the background for the story but also an important supporting character, contributing to the film’s special appeal. Beautiful scenery, winding roads and traditional houses create a lively and colorful atmosphere for the story.

Abraham Ozler, reminiscent of gripping crime dramas like The Classified File , is not only an entertaining movie but also a realistic picture of society, where people have to face hidden and dangerous corners. It challenges and stimulates audiences to reflect on the vexing problems of the modern world.

With the perfect combination of excellent acting, intelligent script and vivid setting, Abraham Ozler promises to be a memorable cinematic experience, taking audiences on a thrilling and exciting adventure, exploring solve the mysteries of this crime drama.

abraham ozler movie
abraham ozler movie
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