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happily 2021
9.4/10 IMDB Rating
BenDavid Grabinski
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Dual Audio [Hindi (ORG 5.1) + English] / ESubs
BenDavid Grabinski
Main Stars
Kerry Bishé, Joel McHale, Al Madrigal
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happily movie
happily movie

Happily is a romantic and mysterious film full of surprises, where relationships and mysteries meet, creating a unique and exciting adventure. Directed by BenDavid Grabinski and starring a talented cast such as Joel McHale, Kerry Bishé and Stephen Root, Happily promises to bring audiences unforgettable moments of entertainment.

The film opens with Tom (played by Joel McHale) and Janet (played by Kerry Bishé) – an extremely happy and harmonious couple. However, the perfection of their lives is turned upside down when they receive a mysterious invitation to a party reminiscent of crime movies to which no one else is invited. From there, a series of strange and mysterious events begins to take place, taking them on a journey full of surprises and dangers.

The strange and mysterious events that happen in Happily make the audience restless, not knowing what will happen next. From discoveries to revealed secrets, the film constantly creates shocks and surprises, keeping viewers attentive from beginning to end.

The cast of Happily contributes to the special appeal of the film. Joel McHale and Kerry Bishé demonstrate harmony and harmony in their roles, bringing sincerity and sophistication to Tom and Janet’s relationship. Along with that, the excellence of supporting actors like Stephen Root is also a notable highlight of the film.

Happily, with its unexpected twists and turns reminiscent of The Gentlemen movie, is not just an ordinary entertaining film, but also a deeply influential work. Besides providing dramatic entertainment, this film also deals with serious issues about love, happiness and human nature.

Overall, Happily is a journey full of surprises and mysteries, captivating and captivating viewers from beginning to end. With a captivating plot, great acting, and unexpected twists, this film is sure to please even the most demanding audience.

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