Chapelle (2023)

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chapelle full movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
Nicolas Karolszyk
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May 21, 2024
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Nicolas Karolszyk
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Éric Denize, Elias Hilali, Oussama Hilali
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Chapelle (2023) is a cinematic masterpiece of French cinema, not only a drama but also a profound and meaningful work of art, painting a true picture of life in the area. Chapelle slum in Paris. The film does not hesitate to take the audience into a tumultuous world, where suffering, injustice and hope coexist.

chapelle movie
chapelle movie

Chapelle’s story revolves around the journey of Isaac, an ambitious young man, in his search for freedom and meaning in life, echoing the dramatic struggles of characters in many Hollywood drama movies . Isaac, a child of the slums, faces a world full of hardships and injustices, from selling his life to his father – Abraham, a drug addict and tyrant, to everyday life with risk of violence and poverty.

All changes begin when Isaac meets Rebecca, a girl who brings him hope and love. Rebecca, with her kind heart and extraordinary strength, aroused in Isaac the desire for freedom and the dream of a brighter future. The love between them blossomed like a fragile flower in a poor place, a source of encouragement and strength for both of them to overcome challenges on the path to freedom.

However, the path to freedom is not easy. Abraham, with his brutal nature and endless greed, constantly sought to retain Isaac so he could continue to take advantage of him. He used every trick, from intimidation, violence to deception, to prevent the two young people from coming together and finding a new life.

The impressive performances of the cast, under the skillful direction of the director and screenwriter, created an emotional and profound film work. Éric Denize successfully played the role of Isaac, a young man with a complex inner self, torn between love and responsibility, while Elias Hilali and Oussama Hilali, two brothers in real life, played the role of fathers excellently. children Abraham and Isaac, giving the audience emotional and convincing performances.


In the end, Chapelle, much like The Zone of Interest, is not only a movie worth watching but also a meaningful and emotional experience. Both films offer a profound exploration of the human condition, delving into complex themes of morality, survival, and the search for meaning. Chapelle, like The Zone of Interest , is a reminder of the appreciation of hope, love, and freedom, and an invitation to explore and reflect on the profound meaning of life. Both films promise to leave a deep impression on viewers and are cinematic works not to be missed.

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