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May 21, 2024
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Ruchi Narain
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Raveena Tandon, Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood
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The announcement of Raveena Tandon’s return to the screens was met with high excitement among her fanbase, with previous roles in major originals like Aryanyak and others lauded as among her finest. Karmma Calling starring Tandon in the lead role is an adaptation of the hit American series, Revenge. All the episodes for the first season were released on OTT on January 26, 2024, and have thus become the new talk of B-town.

And if you are looking for details before devoting your hours to this show, here is everything you need to know.

Karmma Calling Episodes

The web series was dropped for audiences in January 26, 2024 with the story unfolding over a sequence of seven connected episodes. Each episode brings a distinct theme and development and complements quite well to the overarching theme of the series. From Karmma’s entry to the circle of the elites in Alibaug to her confrontations with Ahaan Kothari and the subsequent revelations of deeper, darker secrets does add a layer of intrigue to the intricacies of the narrative. Quite a surefire way to keep the audience engaged for hours.

karmma calling trailer
karmma calling trailer

Complete plot for Karmma Calling

While the entire storyline focuses on the character of Raveena Tandon, who, much like the strong female leads in many Bollywood drama movies , rises through the ranks to become the undisputed queen of the elites, several subplots, all building greatly for the climax, do help the audience traverse the nuances of the story.

Karmma’s journey to the top

The central storyline revolves around Indrani Kothari (Raveena Tandon) on her journey to be inducted as the queen of Alibaug’s elite social circuit. The narrative for the audience begins with a mysterious homicide amidst a wedding celebration. This unexpected death sets the stage for a gripping tale that slowly unfolds over the several episodes. A tale of murder, mystery and dark family secrets.

Enter Karmma Talwar

The titular role is played by Namrata Sheth, a complete stranger that infiltrates the Kothari family with some ominous intention. And true to the plot of the original, the web series unfolds a web of retribution as Karmma begins to target each member of the Kothari family for their past misdeeds.

And while the storytelling and narratives did feel soapy at times, it can be a really compelling watch. A perfect solution for the desire for on screen drama.

Meet the cast from Karmma Calling

The creators of the web series brought forth a team of talented cast from the industry and featured a mix of veteran and fresh faces.

Of course, there is Ravina Tandon and Namrata Sheth in opposing roles in the lead, while the support cast featured the likes of Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, Vikramjeet Virk, Viraf Patel, Rohit Roy, Amy Aela, Waluscha D’Souza, Gaurav Sharma, and Piyush Khati.

With each actor bringing their unique touch to their characters on the big screen, the dynamic blend between the main cast and the supporting cast did their job of adding that much needed depth to the series.

karmma calling review
karmma calling review

Karmma Calling: Overview of the characters

As Tandon returns to the screen, much like the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Main Atal Hoon , most of the fans are delighted. And garnering mostly positive and mixed reviews, Karmma Calling, with its blend of suspense, drama, and moral dilemmas, can be a compelling watch.

Highlights from the lead cast

Raveena has surely been the star of the show with her iconic role as Indrani Kothari; surely a masterclass in portraying the shrewd and conniving character on-screen. Her ability to seamlessly blend and stay in character without breaks is worth the watch. On the flip side, with her debut role as Karmma, Namrata failed to command the much needed attention with a lacklustre on screen-presence. And though she is able to hold ground, the lack of depth in her performance was never compelling enough.

Overview of the supporting cast

Varun Sood, despite his charming looks and physique, also fails a tad bit short of giving audiences a memorable performance. However, debutant Rachit Singh does a brilliant job on his first stint and offers some commanding on-screen presence with his perfect acting. Surely, a highlight in the series and the first of many to come from this new talent.

Karmma Calling: A critical review

While with a brilliant execution and perfect on-screen presence from the leads, few aspects did fall a bit short. Here is what the critics and audience say about the launch as per major media outlets.

Direction and script

The series is directed by Ruchi Narain who brings her experience from films like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi does a brilliant job of a weaving the narrative together. The screenplay is applauded for its brilliant portrayal of the rich and elite and reflecting on the darker side of privilege. A brilliantly executed script with campy features to express the central theme.

karmma calling release date
karmma calling release date

The cinematography and camera work of the web series is another highlight for the audience and did very well to portray the opulence and behind the scenes darkness of Alibaug. Its brilliant portrayal feels almost like the coastal city plays a central character in the series.

Shortsighted dialogues

The dialogues of the series do fail to deliver big time and doesn’t live up to the profundity they aim for, especially Karmma monologues. Plagued by repetitive nature of the flashbacks and a rushed unravelling of memories could have been handled a bit more delicately.

However, despite some of the issues with the series take away from its depth and storyline, the series excels quite well in showcasing the contrasting elements of the elite lifestyle. Indrani’s over the top chopper ride to find the moon on Karwa Chauth, though outrageous, does a great job of underlining the power dynamics within the characters of the series. Quite the “on the face” detail that contributes well to the experience of the show.

Karmma Calling is not without its flaws, yet it manages to captivate the audience. The seven episodes unfold slowly, maintaining a simmering tension that keeps viewers hooked. The series may follow a somewhat stereotypical rich-family-with-secrets theme, but the technical details, coupled with Raveena Tandon’s stellar performance, make it a compelling watch. While the story’s lack of originality is evident, the grandeur, opulence, and charisma of Tandon make ‘Karmma Calling’ a worthwhile pick for those who enjoy pulpy dramas with a touch of glamour.

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