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starfish movie review
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May 21, 2024
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Akhilesh Jaiswal
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Starfish is an Indian Hindi romantic drama brilliantly orchestrated by director Akhilesh Jaiswal. Join the cast and venture into this cinematic journey and navigate the complexities of human emotions against the canvas of Malta. Bhushan Kumar, under T-Series Productions, steers the production and has assembled a stellar ensemble featuring Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Ehan Bhat, and Tusharr Khanna. The film made its debut on 24 November 2023 on the big screen and unfurled a narrative that charts the odyssey of a diver from a dredging company, seeking solace from a painful past, laying the groundwork for a journey rife with unforeseen twists and emotional revelations.

Complete Timeline of Starfish

Following suit with a rigid timeline, here is everything you need to know about the build up phase leading up to the theatrical release.

Starfish Teaser Launch and Starfish Poster Unveiling (October – November 2023)

The chronicle of Starfish commences with meticulous timing, inaugurating with the revelation of its official teaser on 25 October 2023. Anticipation heightens as the official poster graces public view on November 9, 2023, accompanied by the release of the soul-stirring initial song, “Fanaa Kar Lo”

starfish movie bollywood
starfish movie bollywood

Starfish Trailer Premiere and First Song Release (November 2023)

The crescendo of excitement peaks with the unveiling of the official trailer on November 16, 2023, where the lead cast, featuring Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman, Tushar Khanna, and Ehan Bhat, takes center stage. The melodic journey persists with the release of “Kudiye Ni Tere” by Yo Yo Honey Singh on 21 November 2023, adding a harmonious layer to the film’s narrative.

Starfish Film Release

With expectation high since the launch of the trailer for the film, which has been hailed as one of the top drama movies of the year, audiences have been eagerly waiting for a theatrical release. Here are the complete details about the release on the big screen and digital streaming platforms.

Starfish Theatrical Premiere (November 2023)

The cinematic tapestry of Starfish unfurls on the grand stage on 24 November 2023, beckoning audiences to immerse themselves in the visually captivating universe crafted by Akhilesh Jaiswal.

Digital Odyssey on OTT (January 2024)

The film’s reach expands with its digital release on OTT platforms on 19 January 2024, inviting viewers to delve into the emotional tapestry of the narrative from the cozy confines of their homes.

starfish movie 2023
starfish movie 2023

About Starfish Muse and Narrative

Akhilesh Jaiswal draws inspiration from Bina Nayak’s lauded novel, “Starfish Pickle,” endeavoring to plumb the profound depths of human emotions. Although, he brought on his experience from working as a writer in films like Gangs of Wasseypur, the film encounters turbulent waters owing to a choppy narrative, impulsive editing, and a screenplay that almost languishes. The saga unfolds against the captivating backdrop of Malta, where Tara Salgaonkar, portrayed by the gifted Khushalii Kumar, spearheads a diving mission to unearth the remnants of a naval crew post a ship blast.

Tara’s life is marred by episodes of panic attacks and a libertine lifestyle, all stemming from a dark secret in her past. A tragic event propelled her mother, Sukanya (Vidya Malavade), to take her own life, leaving Tara haunted by questions and burdened by the label of a mistake. Tara’s quest for answers propels her on a journey of self-discovery, interweaving her life with naval captain Aman Sharma (Tusharr Khanna) and musician Neel (Ehan Bhat). The film artfully explores whether these relationships will provide the closure Tara seeks.

Starfish Casting

Meet the talents that brought the project to life on the big screen. Learn more about the star cast of Starfish.

Lead Cast

The ensemble cast, helmed by Khushalii Kumar as Tara Salgaonkar, delivers performances that anchor the emotional depth of the film. Milind Soman’s portrayal of the spiritual and musical guru, Arlo, adds a layer of mystique to Tara’s odyssey. The supporting cast, including Vidya Malvade, Pawan Shankar Pandey, and Jagat Singh Rawat, contributes to the intricacies of Tara’s narrative, crafting a web of connections that enrich the storytelling.

starfish movie cast
starfish movie cast

Supporting Cast

The film’s supporting cast, featuring talents such as Vidya Malvade, Pawan Shankar Pandey, Jagat Singh Rawat, and others, plays a pivotal role in shaping the intricacies of Tara’s narrative, infusing depth and authenticity into the storytelling.

Starfish Soundtrack

Releasing in November 2023, the soundtrack for the film, much like the memorable music in Bhakshak movies, was an instant hit for many and became quite essential as a companion to the film’s rich creative appeal. Coming in with hot tracks like OAFF by Savera, Khaalif by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Manan Bhardwaj, and Sachet-Parampara, the complete album, similar to the diverse musical landscape of Bhakshak movies, spans across several genres and moods. The remake of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s “Brown Rang,” titled “Kudiye Ni Tere,” stands out and has fans humming the song around.

Starfish Critical Reception

The film’s most conspicuous feature is undeniably its visual allure. Cinematographer Jim Edgar and director Akhilesh Jaiswal masterfully capture underwater scenes, rescue operations, and the breathtaking locales of Malta and Sicily. However, the narrative encounters stumbling blocks as the screenplay by Akhilesh and Aditya Bhatnagar appears fragmented, lacking a cohesive flow. The film’s focus on Tara’s emotional turmoil supersedes storytelling, and while the theme of how guilt and uncertainty impact relationships is touched upon, it lacks the depth required for profound exploration.

Akhilesh Jaiswal’s direction, though proficient, at times feels like a string of events with Tara at the center. Tara’s encounter with Arlo, portrayed by Milind Soman, marks a turning point, but subsequent sequences appear rushed. The intended mystery surrounding Tara’s past, aimed at maintaining suspense, unfortunately results in an abrupt ending, leaving the audience with more ambiguity than closure.

starfish movie
starfish movie

Khushalii Kumar shines in her role as a diver and a free-spirited individual, particularly excelling in the second half when her emotional turmoil escalates. Tusharr Khanna and Ehan Bhat deliver passable performances, while Milind Soman, despite a brief role, leaves a lasting impression. The film’s music, featuring the enchanting “Madhaniya redux” and the pulsating club number “Kudiye Ni Teri,” adds a hummable dimension to the overall experience.

Starfish beckons audiences on a cinematic journey that, despite its narrative idiosyncrasies, offers a visually enchanting experience. Akhilesh Jaiswal’s directorial finesse and Khushalii Kumar’s compelling performance elevate the film, while the music enriches its emotional landscape. While the narrative may leave some questions unanswered, the beauty of its cinematography and the authenticity of its cast make Starfish a film worth exploring, much like the uncharted depths of the ocean it aspires to portray.

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