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The captive realms of Bollywood had yet again produced a psychological thriller. Zehan, directed by Dhiren Dimri, is able to skilfully navigate the hidden recesses of the human mind to bring forth a story of love and betrayal. The film brings forth a talented cast featuring the likes of Aarya Babbar, Surbhi Mahendru and Nidhi Nautiyal to bring this multifaceted story to the big screen. Centred around the character of Akash, the plot unfolds in the scenic backdrop of Mussoorie. Akash is a man with a dark and traumatic childhood which has triggered a personality disorder in him.

Zehan promises to be a thrilling ride of love and the fear of abandonment which focuses on a series of mysterious disappearances. Something that really transcends the ordinary.

The full cast of Zehan

The creators assembled a team of talented cast members to bring the characters to life. Here is a complete look at the cast of Zehan.

zehan movie review
zehan movie review

Main cast

Aarya Babbar brings on a powerful performance in the lead role as Aakash. Babbar has done a wonderful job of embodying the intricate emotional facets of the character. On the flip side, Surbhi Mahendru and Nidhi Nautiyal brought their impactful performance to add further depth to the storyline. The chemistry between the on-screen leads is palpable and lends to the authenticity of the turbulent love story. This is the very heart of the film that rose beyond expectations.

Support cast

The supporting cast was also no slouch as it featured some prominent faces from the industry. Some of the notable mentions of the support cast include the likes of Navtej, Smita Sharma, Sanjay Sirohi, and more. The support cast is able to deliver some noteworthy performances on the screen to keep the narrative quite cohesive and compelling till the credits role.

Each member of the cast brought on their unique charm to the table and contributed highly to immerse the audience in the intricate web of emotions and psychological tension.

zehan full movie download
zehan full movie download

Exploring the production and soundtrack of Zehan

Filming and the soundscore of Zehan deserves a round a applause as these elements did great to contribute to a wonderful cinematic experience on the big screen.

Directorial skills

The film showcased some brilliant directorial finesse as Dimri is able to skillyfully navigate the treads the fine line between a romantic drama and psychological thriller. And with scenes unfolding against the majestic backdrops of Mussoorie, the cinematography lends in that extra bit of visual wow factor. The combination of Dimri’s tight framing techniques and cool interplay of light and shadow, the creators have been able to create an eerie atmosphere for the film. It’s quite literally a visual treat for the eyes that clearly complements the psychological intensity of the storyline.

Perfect musical score

The musical score created by some of the major industry luminaries does a wonderful job of elevating the emotional impact of major scenes. Seamlessly flowing with the narrative, the soundtrack heightens the suspense and drama throughout the film. Collectively, the technical facets of the film do their part to enhance the cinematic brilliance and render a more emotionally engaging experience for the audience.

zehan 2024 movie trailer
zehan 2024 movie trailer

Reviewing the plot of Zehan

This psychological thriller from Dhiren Dimri unfurls in various layers and every scene keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, guessing at what’s to come.

The protagonist

The protagonist, Akash, played by Aarya Babbar, serves as the central enigma for the entire plot and becomes the crux of the storyline. This deep narrative adeptly explores the effects of childhood trauma and the intricacies of living with a mental disorder like personality disorder. Aakash’s journey from the haunting echoes of the past to the turbulent present keeps the audience wondering about the fate of the character. It really does wonders to keep the audience teetering on the edge of their seats.

The twists and turns

It is fair to say that the film has its fair share of shocks and twists throughout the runtime. And interwoven with elements of romance and suspense, it does create a nail-biting experience. As the protagonist does his best to fend off his fears and dark desires, the audience is taken on a complete ride through the different emotions of the character. Add in the disappearances of pivotal characters like Mona, introduces an added layer of mystery which propels the narrative forward.


This is complemented by the seamless screenplay that has been crafted with hard work and precision. It deftly navigates the thin line between psychology and romance to ensure that the film remains unpredictable till the very end.

Overview of Zehan

While the film is a captivating journey into the human mind, it is in no way devoid of any imperfections. Some avid viewers might find the storyline to be too convoluted with some occasional unevenness in the pacing of the film. Plus, the two hour long runtime might test the patience of those who are not wholly engrossed in the genre. Also, the production timeline and marketing strategy of the film have come under fire considering the sudden release on OTT platforms and skipping on a more traditional theatre release.

zehan 2024 movie
zehan 2024 movie

Keeping the souring drawbacks aside, Zehan makes for a very entertaining watch, especially if you are a fan of the genre. With some robust performances, atmospheric cinematography and an emotionally charged narrative, the creators adeptly overcomes the challenges to offer the audience a peek into the human mind and its intricacies. This brings the viewers to question the tenuous boundary between reality and perception. Aarya Babbar’s foray into a role that stretches the boundaries of conventional acting solidifies Zehan as a commendable addition to the psychological thriller genre beside films like Por Thozhil, Detective Karthik and more.

This psychological thriller is a perfect example of a film that demands the unbroken attention of the viewer to completely appreciate. And combined with its seamless ability to blend elements of romance, suspense, and psychological drama, it creates a viewing experience like no other. With all the imperfections and shortcomings, the film can be an entertaining experience.

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